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only oneself knowb

only oneself know!
the process takes time. affected by this news, closing prev fell 60 average; on Tuesday showed big opened slightly lower,com does not guarantee that the information (including but not limited to text, Related articles? Zhejiang Jing Sheng Electrical gem IPO feature cha Don't and trend on album -- eastmoney.Report time title name mechanism influence 2012-05-31 state bythe United States strategic emerging industry planning in April second-hand housing sales index sign accidental fall Founder Securities ? ? ??2012-05-30local governmentand a lever posture to stage a comeback Huachuang securities ? ?? ?2012-05-30European debt crisis onChina cause adverse effects on the securities of 2012-05-30currentboom continues to glide ? ?? ?2012-05-28there is a skeleton in the cupboardChina Merchants Securities ?????2012-05-28debtstorm weal and woe Haitong Securities ?????2012-05-28inflection pointis Southwest Securities ? ? ?2012-05-281-4 monthNational Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size benefit data of Huaan securities ? ?? ?2012-05-28investment.It is reported,Following this year "2 I and my hometown farmers almost.
Hubei Xianning county people, timeliness.
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many of my lectureC

Gold to be useful, is the gold will shine!-- eastm

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Candy story -- eastmoney.com blog

Solemnly declare: eastmoney.com publishing this information aims to disseminate more information,Louboutin Outlet, and this site lichangwuguan.Eastmoney.com does not guarantee that the information (including but not limited to text, data and charts) all or part of the contents of the accuracy,Christian Louboutin Outlet, authenticity,Louboutin Ireland, integrity,louboutin pas cher, timeliness,louboutin, effectiveness, such as original.
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The market tomorrow supported under the finishing

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China is in the saf

I am that has a lar

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This signal is disclosed next hot market -- wood i

?? In two consecutive trading days after the fall of bardo, today two city market opened slightly higher after concussion after the subject shares back, better performance, the final index closed up a small 阳线, rebounded as expected.
To close the newspaper prev 2751 points, up 18 points, or 0.68%, Shen Chengzhi closed at 12114 points, up 50 points, or 0.42%,Louboutin Ireland, the stock rose more or less, Shanghai stock market turnover of 77200000000 a day, the volume will continue to shrink, a recent volume.
??? today from the surface, the blue-chip plate turns down, with brokerage, insurance, coal oil fell, other blue-chip mediocre.While the theme today,louboutin, most notably plate technology, including electronic payment, electronic information, networking rose nearly 3%, while rare, military, smart grid, machinery, medicine, nuclear power, also have good performance.
The gem index today rebound, or 2%.To close, the two cities a total of 8 stock trading, stock without circuit breakers.??? from the technical point of view, yesterday mentioned "because the market drops continuously, KDJ at J 0 values occurred passivation, and broken early rising channel under the rail will occur after a fan Chou, and current K-line also already from 5 antenna, therefore, nearly two more days there will be a 5 day line the pumping back, but the rebound height should not be optimistic", in fact this index rebounded as expected.
But judging from the volume, the volume rebound, still considered vulnerable fanchou.??? the market tomorrow will continue today's rebound trend,Christian Louboutin Ireland, but the height of not too much hope, a 5 antenna tomorrow will move down to 2760 points in the vicinity, and the line half a year also will be moved to the nearby 2760 spots, therefore, this position will become tomorrow the first strong resistance.
Tomorrow is the biggest point, whether the market with a volume of a breakthrough on 5 stations and the antenna, the relationship between short-term market outlook will continue to kill.The author thinks, homeopathic Chong after tomorrow, will fall,Louboutin Outlet, market outlook will continue to kill the next pit.
??? it doesn't mean that the author is not optimistic, for midline are firm favourites, only short-term fell on Monday after the market has already started, digging, strictly speaking, not a firm 5 antenna on adjustment end is unjustifiable.
But from today on the disk, we should pay attention to the one of the most obvious signal, namely hot topics.Today the two cities a total of 8 stock trading, and these are basically distributed in the emerging industry, with the most dazzling technology sector, the main digging pit gold intentions to be completely bared there and then.
??? so, next hot market will also be in emerging industries, in which science and technology section is Chongzhongzhi is weighed, the plate segmentation of networking, electronic information, electronic payment, cloud computing, communication, in addition to the smart grid, machinery, new energy are also next year should grasp the hot topics.
??? operation,louboutin pas cher, yesterday has tips over last two days will appear on the 5 antenna fan Chou, and prompts the dips can absorb, then, tomorrow in 2760 position can choose the high toss this part of your position.
In the long-term, still be held.??? stock index futures era, only to do more profitable A advocate board in two-way profit and leveraged futures before, is indeed a cup.????? midline analysis reference;???? as for the next few years the stock market's long-term analysis, in June 24th Bo Wen detailed graphic explanation.
???? Welcome to join the exchange, jointly improve.If you feel this blog on your investment will help, I hope everyone can join the Bo.??? leave not, watching the flowers bloom before court, mixed with
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The market tomorrow supported under the finishing

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HOLLEYAs the direct

Sina Guizhou people

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Capital is king - - - - - short fast ox! -- eastmo

? 9 century Japan strong earthquakes and nuclear explosion triggered a nuclear leakage, strong earthquakes began not only to the Japanese economy will bring immeasurable losses, will further push up Japan's sovereign debt crisis probability.
Since last year, Japan's debt risk has frequently issued a warning.Look from global limits, both debt and the ratio of GDP, the fiscal deficit and the ratio of GDP, or the dependence degree of the national debt, at present Japan is the developed countries in the world one of the countries most difference.
Japan's Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Japan Fund Circulation Statistics show that, as of last year at the end of 12, including government bonds, loans and short-term government securities, the Japanese national debt total amount total 919.
1511 trillion yen, the highest record reached two times gdp.The population is calculated, the average Japanese burden 7216000 yen.The International Monetary Fund forecasts, if coupled with the local government
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List of small hills -- eastmoney.com blog

? a today by Europe and the United States market crash impact opened sharply lower, but lower after the final dikaigaozou.Although a new low, but the overall strength is still stronger than the recent European and American markets.
From the market perspective, the recent two or three months stock performance is earlier than that of Europe and the United States market, the stock is a good phenomenon.In the 4 quarter of 2008, a stock is so firmly in shock after bottoming out of the stock market in Europe and America, then after a long time.
On the present Chinese stock market, the overall valuation is basically the lowest in 2005 of 998, lower than the market valuation, especially to the banking stocks as the core chip, valuation is the history of the minimum value.
In the opinion of the author, the future market, the stock is necessarily true value regression is possible, otherwise it is still a small market.And all this, and depends on the management to the stock market policy.
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